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Celebrities’ last words before they died ….

Celebrities Pictures

As you read through these quotes(*), take a moment to reflect: What words are you “building” yourself in your life history that may reflect in your own words before YOU die?   Observing these celebrities’ quotes, it seems to me that they perfectly reflect the kind of attitude they had throughout most their lives.

And lastly:  What are the words you want people to hear as your last ones?

John Lennon_2 “Yes, I am.” John Lennon

Bob Marley_2 “Money can’t buy Life.” Bob Marley

Martin Luther King_2 “Make sure you play ‘Take my hand, Precious Lord’. Play it real pretty.” Martin Luther King

Madre Teresa_2 “Jesus, I love you.  Jesus, I love you.” Madre Teresa

Osama Bin Laden_2  “Don’t turn on the light.”  Osama Bin Laden. Al Qaeda Terrorist

(PS: Although “Celebrity” is way too good of a name for a terrible person like him, “celebrity” also means “a well known person” or “infamous” and this is why he is in this category;  I also thought it was interesting to show that his last words perfectly reflected his spirit:  darkness)

Roger Ebert_2 “I’ll see you at the Movies”. Roger Ebert – Pullitzer Prize-winner

Marilyn Monroe_2 “Goodbye to pat president nice guy.”  Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley_2  “OK, I won’t.” Elvis Presley

Steve Jobs_2 “Oh, wow.  Oh, wow.  Oh, wow.”  Steve Jobs (*) source:


While living: enjoy your family, your friends, your life!  As Mae West said:  You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” 


Have a great life!


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