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Concierge & Relocation Services


If you want to buy a property in Florida, but would also like to live in it, but does not have a visa to live and work in the USA,  we may be able to help you achieve this goal.  

Florida 360 Realty offers a wide suite of services (many of which are free for our customers!)  that goes from planning your strategy to immigrate to the USA  to the enrollment of your children in A+ public schools!

Here is our Menu of Services (contact us for pricing on packages of services):

  • Investment Strategies: we offer complete return-on-investment analyses  and sourcing of Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Business Set-up:  We will build your business from scratch (for E-1 and E-2 Visa holders as well)
  • Immigration Strategies: for those investors who desire to live in the USA, we offer a free consulting and guidance on what the alternatives are (we count with partners in Immigration Law, Accounting, Worldwide Taxation, Pre-Immigration Planning, Home financing, among others)
  • Concierge Services: we take care of our International Customers through a wide range of Services:
  1. International Moving (travel & relocation of belongings)
  2. Local documentation (driver’s license, ID’s, certificates, opening of bank account etc)
  3. Translation of documents for immigration purposes
  4. Sourcing and enrollment on free English classes, A+ public schools and overall courses that qualify for the Student Visa
  5. Health, Dental, Life, Auto and Home insurance
  6. Home Financing
  7. Animals and Pet transportation (relocation)
  8. Furniture sourcing and buying
  9. Utilities set-up:  water, electricity, TV cable, cell and land line phones, Internet
  10. Landscaping and home services (cleaning, garden, pool services, painting, rehabilitation  etc)
  11. Purchase of boats and luxury yachts
  12. Strategies and guidance on how to build a credit history in the USA
  13. Auto leasing, purchase and financing
  14. Property Management
  15. Worldwide Accounting Services
  16. Elaboration and filing of Tax Reports
  17. Strategies for minimizing taxations and other expenses

Contact us for a free consultation:   e-mail us at: or call us:   +1 (954) 325-2625.

Hablamos Español.   Falamos Portugês.


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