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De-Clutter and Make Money!


A clear space is a clear mind. Having a cluttered home can affect you. Personally, I love the feeling of coming back at the end of the day to a home that is clean and uncluttered. I feel uncluttered, and in so, my mind can focus on more important things, and not feel unexplainably overwhelmed. Do you know the feeling?

There is a solution that can rid of the clutter in your home while making you money in the process. Win-win right? So don’t just start throwing away things in the trash.

You can do this on your own, or to make an event out of it, gather your family and cut through the clutter together. It is a good idea to do this as a group to make sure nothing is put out that someone else still wants. But remind everyone that the goal is to de-clutter.


Where to start?

A good way to sort through everything is to make separate piles for things you want to rid of. The categories can be: Donate, Sell, Trash, Recycle, Keep, etc. You can use sheets, trash bags or bins to help keep everything organized in the areas.

Look at all of the clutter and start to weed out which of all the things you need or don’t need and start dividing them from there.

How to Make Money

When you place items in the “Sell” area, they should be things of value that will actually sell. So, unless those stuffed animals are collectibles, place them in the “Donate” or “Trash” pile.

Focus on items that are gently used or like-new condition. Consignment shops, thrift stores, or internet stores is where you will be selling these items.

Things that will sell are:

Video Games

Brand Name Clothing

Designer Items







Set a limit of days, and if your items don’t sell within the time frame you allotted, then donate the unsold items instead.


Unsellable Items

Everything you cannot sell, you can donate or throw away. Anything that is in good condition and usable, but unworthy of resale, donate. Anything that is neither sellable nor “donatable”, the obvious option is, to toss it.  Please remember to recycle, as these types of items can be broken down and reused. Also, items such as prescription drugs, gas, oil and special disposal items, do not throw in the regular toss pile. There is a drop off location in your area for these.


This may take some time, but if you stick to your original game plan, you will de-clutter and make some extra money. Ask friends and family to help to make this a more enjoyable experience and make the time go by faster.

I am here to help you “Invest in Your Lifestyle”.  Please contact me if you are thinking about  buying or selling a home in South East Florida.


At Florida 360 Realty, our mission is to empower the buyer with a financial acquisition strategy, provide the seller with a profitable exit strategy and develop a significant capital growth strategy for the investor.”


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