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Getting a property in Florida can be hassle free if you are buying that property through Florida 360 Realty. Property buying has many minor details that one might be too busy to handle but you can always trust Florida 360 Realty to handle it for you. You can easily get a hold of your dream property by browsing through Florida 360 Realty property listings.

Pompano Beach 33069

The city of Pompano Beach Florida was originally settled in around the mid 1880s. The name of the city originated from the popular fish that is found in Florida called the Florida Pompano. Pompano Beach at the 2010 census had a population of about 100 000 residents. It has been featured in a number of popular magazines as prime real estate property including Money Magazine.

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Pompano Beach has gradually developed over the years from a small town into a budding city. He land. It has been said that Sheene had jotted down the name of a fish that he had for dinner on a paper he was using while surveying the area and hence the name of Pompano was decided on. Pompano is now one of the best places for buying vacation homes in the US.

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