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Florida 360 Realty is more than just about selling homes. We offer services that go beyond helping you find and purchase Fort Lauderdale 33306 homes for sale. One of these services is restoration; some of the homes in Fort Lauderdale are fifty to a hundred years old and have the appeal of that old time charm. However, to make sure the houses do not crumble they need periodic restoration. Restoration should be done by professionals who are knowledgeable on materials and building methods used at the time the house was put up. We have developed an extensive network of technicians and tradesmen in Fort Lauderdale who have the qualifications and experience to restore your home without causing further damage and who will maintain the spirit of the house by giving it back all its former glory.

Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone as a tourist destination, children included. A favorite with the younger crowd is the Museum of Discovery and Science –a place that will transport your child to another world, almost literally. Their interactive exhibits are especially popular with children; your child can participate in a house-building project or simply color some art work. They have aviation exhibits, animal exhibits, environmental exhibits that will help your child understand better how the world around him/her works. Their use of technology –from interactive touch screens to simulators –is also very popular with children. This is a wonderful stop you can make in Fort Lauderdale, especially when you need to keep your children busy on a rainy day.

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