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Searching for a new home can be a challenging journey. We at Florida 360 Realty will help to make your search for a new home easier than you could ever imagine. With a list that is designed exclusively to please our customers, you can easily choose from the most prestigious homes in Florida.

About Coral Springs Florida

Officially chartered in 1963 on July 10th, the city of Coral Springs was originally marshland bought by Henry Lyons in 191 and 1939. The land was originally used for bean farming and then later became a primary spot for development. Coral Springs is a part of Broward County and is just about 20 mile from Fort Lauderdale

Why Buy Luxury Homes in Coral Springs

Some of the most beautiful homes can be found in and around Coral Springs. There are no actual springs found in Coral Springs as the name was derived from the original company that was a part of the original development. There are strict building codes making Coral Spring homes some of the safest. The communities in and around the city has strict rules, low crime rates and an overall friendly atmosphere.

Florida 360 Realty will help you to find the right housing solution for you. We will give you the right guidance every step of the way. Getting the right home will take care and precision in your search. Florida 360 Realty will be there to give advice and help you with your search.

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