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If you think that the real estate market is not something that you can handle think again. You might be dreaming of owning your own home but is constantly deterred by the vast amount of searches that you will have to conduct, or maybe you have no idea about how to tackle the legal aspects of buyi9ng a home or any of the numerous possibilities that exist when one is just merely thinking about the different processes involved when buying a home. Florida 360 Realty makes the process a much simpler one for all of our clients and in no time we can make what you now see as an impossible task, possible. Florida 360 Realty provides information for our clients to make the best decisions about their investments.

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As the recipient of the award for the best planned community in 1956, North Palm Beach is home to the beautiful Jack Niklaus Signature Golf Course. The area was developed by John D MacArthur who had bought the area from Sir Henry Oakes. North Palm Beach has been home to a number of popular businesses including the Twin City Mall. You will find great townhouses whose views capture the skyline of the Florida area.

Search our list of homes for sale and find your dream property. Get in contact with one of experienced agent so that we can help you with your property search. Florida 360 Realty is here to serve you when you need us most.

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