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Florida 360 Realty is the best way to get all the tips you need to arm yourself with when you want to be informed about buying property in Florida. With a dedicated team that will ensure all their customers get the right amount of information needed, they allow customers to make informed decisions when buying property.

About Pembroke Pines Florida

Pembroke Pines is the second most populous city in Broward County and the 11th most populous in the state of Florida. Incorporated in 1960, the name was derived from Pembroke road and the pine trees that grow in the area. Pembroke Pines was first inhabited by American Indians and was a land that thrived on agriculture. The town gradually grew over time and the town officially became a city in 1960.

Why buy a home in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is a growing population with great educational opportunities. A relatively safe environment and nicely built homes, anyone would want to live in one of the fastest growing cities in Florida.

You are bound to find a suitable home for you and your family in Pembroke Pines Florida. Get details on one of the most beautiful places in Florida to live by contacting Florida 360 Realty. You can ask us about information about any area of interest so you will know exactly what you are getting into. Florida 360 will ensure that you will make informed decisions and will provide the best listings to choose from.

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