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With an exhaustive list of houses and luxury properties to choose from, whatever your style or taste in home designs, Florida 360 Realty is bound to find the property that you are searching for. Florida 360 will help with the actual search, making property visits and also provide legal advice that will be extremely necessary before you have finalized your decisions.

About Sunrise Florida

In 1961 the city of Sunrise was incorporated by Norman Johnson; A notable developer who had originally brought fame to Sunrise by building the “Upside Down House”. The population began with roughly 350 people but gradually grew as people were intrigued with Johnson’s odd design. The name was originally to be Sunset but it didn’t seem to spark enough attention with prospective buyers and the current residents thought the name had an air of finality. The name was eventually replaced to the current one as it was definitely more positive.

Why buy a home in Sunrise Florida

Sunrise is a beautiful development that has grown since its early days. Currently having a current population of more than 80 000 residents Sunrise is showing how much a small community can grow. The weather is warm and friendly and the city prides itself on maintaining a friendly appeal to local and outsiders alike.

Search Florida 360 for property listing in Sunrise Florida. You can find your luxury home for sale through our online listing or through help from us. We are more than happy to assist you in making your dream come true.

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