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Property Management

Property Management There are many challenges associated with owning property in today’s market. We face these challenges with you and develop solutions to meet your investment objectives.

Florida 360 Realty utilizes a “cloud” based Residential and Commercial property management platform giving the Owner/Investor real time visibility to financial performance information. Our system is designed specifically to help today’s Real Estate investor and property owner work more efficiently and effectively.

Your secure gateway provides a completely integrated accounting system that offers General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and drill-down financial reports that integrate seamlessly with our powerful property management software system. The moment we updated our system this information IS instantaneously available through your private Owner Web Access portal:

Florida 360 Management Services and Fees

There are a lot of property management companies that will advertise lower fees, but offer inferior services and often have hidden costs. We offer several services to fit the needs of the owner/investor. Below is our Property Management Services and Fee Schedule. See how our 360 Management Plan can help save you time and money today! Please call or email us for your custom quotation for the following services:

360 MANAGEMENT PLAN – (fees based on 10% of rent collections)

  • Frequent on-site inspection along with routine drive-bys to verify property’s condition and tenant behaviors so to take proper action when necessary.
  • Post ’7 Day Notice to Cure’ (Blight, barking dogs, guest issues etc…)
  • Post ’3 Day Notice’ (late rents)
  • Respond to all Resident service requests within same business day
  • 24/7 emergency response personnel on duty
  • Receive all phone calls, e-mails and faxed inquiries about your property.
  • Keep you informed about maintenance and repair issues.
  • Keep track of appliance and equipment warranties.
  • Establish emergency procedures: fire, police, security, water leaks, storm damage etc…
  • Provide custom reporting upon request
  • We manage bill payment related to the property out of your rental revenue reserves
  • Provide monthly statements along with copies of invoices for maintenance and repairs upon request.
  • Compare Insurance coverage policies
  • Apply for DBPR Business license filing per property/building
  • Apply for Florida State Tax filing per property/building
  • Income checks are sent out by the 15th day of the following month.


  • Provide a comprehensive rental comparison analysis on similar rental properties in the area so you achieve the highest and best returns.
  • 1 Months rentequivalent to find and place a qualified tenant.
  • $295 fee to renew a current tenant’s lease.
  • Advertise the property for rent on MLS plus over 300 feeder internet sites and print media.
  • Cooperate with 20,000 plus Realtors to place tenants
  • Place Florida 360 Realty signage at each property
  • Show the property to prospective clients.
  • Provide the tenants with legal and binding FAR rental agreements
  • Screen tenant’s credit (Trans Union ®), contact previous landlord, perform comprehensive background check and verify employment history.
  • Perform the Move In/Out inspections
  • Collect the security deposit and advance rents

ONE TIME SERVICE FEE – $250 set up charge per unit/door includes:

  • Notify tenants in writing that Florida 360 Realty, LLC is the new Property Management Company and we’ll be collecting future rents on behalf the Owner.
  • Establish an operating banking account and escrow accounts for tenant security deposits.
  • Perform a comprehensive plumbing, electrical, roof and general inspection of the property inside and out complete with detailed report and pictures.
  • Develop a Maintenance Plan for your property based on its current condition and prioritizing any future improvements or repairs.
  • Set up a routine schedule for pest control, lawn and grounds care, AC/heat preventative maintenance and pool service.
  • Set up Customer with online access to all property maintenance and financial information
  • Set up Property and if applicable, tenant information in system.


  • $25 vacant unit/door management fee per month.
  • 25% fee for rents collected from pre-existing delinquent tenants. (new accounts)
  • $250 Eviction administration fee (we physically meet the Sheriff on-site to take back possession of the property and remove the tenant belongings to the curb) Attorney cost are additional as are Court costs: case filing to the Clerk of the Court, all documentation preparation, summons Fee to Clerk of Court (per defendant), processors server fee (per defendant) and Sheriff’s Writ of Possession.
  • Cost plus 15% administration fee for all vendor and sub-contractor Rehab services; roofing, plumbing, drywall, painting, carpet installation, pool maintenance, sprinkler system maintenance, landscaping, pest control and general repairs and cleaning.
  • Cost plus 15% administration fee for all other services as requested.


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