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Renowned Economist assesses the EB-5 Project “City Center West Orange”

Below is a video of the interview with Dr. Luiz Fernando Gevaerd, a renowned Economist in Brazil (captions in English), on August 2nd, 2017 about the EB-5 Project:


Greetings, my name is Valquíria Pidgeon, I’m a specialist in investments for immigration to the USA. I work for Florida 360 Investments & Realty in the state of Florida, USA.

Today we are being visited by Dr. Fernando Gevaerd, renowned Attorney and Economist, very famous in Brazil, author of various books and recipient of several awards and honors. We asked Dr. Gevaerd to give his expert opinion on the City Center West Orange project in Orlando. Since being approved for the EB-5 program, 10 Immigration Green Cards have been issued to its investors. We would like to know what Dr. Gevaerd thoughts are on the project.

Good afternoon, Dr. Gevaerd, and thank you for being with us!

It is a pleasure indeed to be here with you, Valquíria, to report on this phenomenon that we Brazilians have found that enables us to immigrate to the USA in a legal and safe manner using the EB-5 Program. There are several projects that are being offered for immigration purposes: with a relatively low investment as Real Estate investments go, that allow you to obtain an Immigration Green Card. Among the many projects that I visited on my clients’ behalf, who asked me to evaluate them as to their suitability as an investment, I evaluated City Center West Orange in Orlando, a surprising Real Estate project under any evaluation parameters. It is an extremely innovative concept, focused on success. It is of mixed use, residential with a strong business presence, that will offer a special niche in the area, a self-contained microcosm within the City of Orlando in Central. Florida. Everybody knows the Orlando Area is in a league of its own when growth and success are discussed, being one of the most visited cities in USA and maybe the world. It is a high-end tourist destination so I went to evaluate the area where the City Center West Orange Project is being built. I visited the construction site where construction is going on at a fast and powerful pace, well within the planned parameters. I was very impressed!


Dr. Gevaerd, what can you tell us about some of the other projects you visited?


I visited other projects on behalf of clients that have shown strong interest in the EB-5 program because it allows them to become permanent USA residents. Some clients asked me to evaluate the suitability of other projects which I visited too, but I found that the City Center West Orange in Orlando project meets all the qualities of a project suited for the EB-5 program because in addition to qualifying the investors for the Green Card, it has an excellent economic and financial structure that is perfect for the most demanding investors.


Dr. Gevaerd, what would you advise investors interested in immigrating to the USA using the EB-5 program?

The EB-5 program is the easiest, relaxed and sure way to immigrate to the USA. Nevertheless, the investor should be well advised on what to do because he is making a very significant change that ties a significant amount of capital for several years. I view the program as a very good option for investors that in a mature way want to build a new life in the USA. The well-advised investor, that has chosen a firmly structured feasible project, will reach the happy goal of becoming a permanent resident of the USA. What has impressed me the most is how Florida 360 has gathered under its direction all the professional help necessary to provide extraordinary support to their EB-5 investors. From analysis of investment options, Legal Advice, filing on time the correct paperwork prepared on by licensed professionals to the Government Agencies that oversee the program, all coordination done in your own language, which is a great relief to everyone, and they do it in a very friendly manner. I sincerely congratulate the Florida 360 Team!


Thank You, Dr. Gevaerd!


The Florida 360 Company is very welcoming and friendly, the project they recommend, City Center West Orange, is an excellent, safe investment, with all the necessary conditions for becoming a success! By the way, how many Green Cards have been issued to your investors?

10 Green Cards have been approved to date to Florida 360 EN-5 Program investors in the City Center West Orange Project.

I would like to add that Florida 360 has advisors licensed by SEC/FINRA, the USA Government entities that regulate investments like the EB-5 program. It is very important that investors interested in participating in the EB-5 program use professionals like us, who are experts in evaluating your specific situation and leading you by the hand from A to Z as necessary, until achieving a successful happy completion. Dr. Gevaerd has vetted the City Center West Orange Project, in the USA, Florida 360 are the professionals that can better support the investors interested in following the EB-5 Program path conducive to immigration to the USA. To answer any questions you might harbor, or to receive further information about the EB-5 Program, use the e-mail address on the screen to get in touch with a Florida 360 Professional. Please allow us to help you!


Thank You, Dr. Gevaerd!


It is I who is grateful for the opportunity to share!



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